Aramada Township

Winter Tax Information

Winter taxes are collected by Armada Township. Tax bills are mailed the first week of December and are due by February 28 of the following year without penalty. If you do not receive a notice by mid-December of each year, please contact the treasurer at the township hall.

In order to receive an accurate tax bill, the township treasurer needs to know of any changes to your housing situation. Examples of changes that impact tax bills are:

  • New mortgage or escrow company
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Principal Residence Information

If your property taxes are paid through an escrow account you can request a copy of your tax bill Free of charge by contacting the Treasurer Office at the Township Hall. Please be aware, it is the taxpayer's responsibility to make sure taxes are paid on time by your mortgage or escrow company, and failure to receive a tax bill does not waive interest or penalty.

Payment Information
Payment by check is considered a conditional payment. If the check in not honored by the bank, the bill remains unpaid and is subject to penalties and interest. Please include the bottom portion of the tax bill with your payment and include your parcel identification number on your check.

  • Taxes can be paid in person at the township hall during regular business hours.
  • Taxes can be deposited after business hours in the drop box on the front of the township hall. (No cash please)
  • Taxes can be paid in person at the Armada Branch of Lakestone Bank & Trust during their normal business hours.
  • Taxes can be mailed to: Armada Township Treasurer Camille Finlay, P.O. Box 921, Armada, Michigan 48005 

Delinquent Taxes
On March 1, unpaid taxes are considered delinquent and must be paid to the Macomb County Treasurer’s Office. The County Treasurer’s Office is located in the Macomb County Administration Building at One South Main in Mount Clemens. You must contact the Macomb County Treasurer at (586) 469-5190 to determine pay off amounts for delinquent taxes or to verify if delinquent taxes have been paid. You can also obtain delinquent property tax information on the County’s Web-site.