Aramada Township

Board of Trustees

Armada Township’s Board of Trustees meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the township hall.

The board of trustees acts as the township’s legislators and is required to vote on all issues. Its primary responsibility is to guard the township’s financial health. Trustees are responsible for adopting ordinances, adopting the budget and appointing most employees, boards, and commissioners including inspectors and fire department officers. Other duties include approving disbursements, authorizing contracts, adopting administrative policies and procedures, filling mid-term vacancies, and buying or selling township property.

Current Board Members

Supervisor - John Paterek
Clerk - Mary K. Swiacki
Treasurer-Sara Murray
Trustee - Jim Goetzinger
Trustee-Monica Job


Agendas, Minutes, Budgets and Bills can now all be found here!
How to Address the Board at a Meeting
How to Get Your Item on the Agenda