Aramada Township

Parks Department

The Armada Township Park is located at 75250 North Avenue behind the Senior Center.

There are two baseball/softball diamonds and one large field of grass for any other sports such as football or soccer. Each ball diamond has a grill for charcoal grilling, a swing set and a picnic table or two nearby. There is a large picnic area with  tables and  a small pavilion with bathrooms. The pavilion has two grills nearby also. There is ample parking and shade. 

For the nature lovers, there is a small path that leads to the East branch of the Coon Creek River.

Park Availability
The park sports fields are used by local organizations. Park Director Gary Goedtel puts a schedule in place at the begining of March that is followed to the end of July. Sundays are usually not booked and are open to everyone. The park is open from April to end of September.

Contact Gary Goedtel for more information on park availability.

Park Ordinance

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