Aramada Township

Freedom of Information Act

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Policy
The Armada Township Board approved the FOIA Policy at its March 2019 Meeting incorporating new requirements. The legislation requires public bodies to establish specific written procedures and guidelines for FOIA requests, including a separate written summary informing the public on how to submit FOIA requests, how to understand the public body's responses to FOIA requests, deposit requirements, fee calculations and way for challenging and appealing the public body's denial of a request.

The clerk is the FOIA Coordinator for Armada Township. Any questions can be directed to the clerk's office during normal business hours.

 E-mail FOIA requests can be submitted to the clerk.

FOIA Forms

FOIA Request for Public Records
Detailed Cost Itemization
FOIA Fee Schedule
FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
FOIA Summary of Procedures and Guidelines
FOIA Denial Appeal Form
FOIA Excess Fee Appeal Form
FOIA Fee Request Estimate Letter
FOIA Statement of Cost
Notice of Denial of FOIA Request
Notice to Extend Response Time