Aramada Township

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hears and makes decisions on questions that arise in the administration of the zoning ordinances, including variances from and interpretations of the zoning ordinances, and temporary use permits. It makes decisions on appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official or body charged with enforcement of the zoning ordinance. The ZBA meets when needed. 

A variance is permission granted by the ZBA to break the zoning law (zoning ordinance). It is permission that is not intended to be easy to achieve. Variances granted without proper justification may lead to an ordinance that becomes unenforceable. Additionally, the public's confidence in the ordinance as a viable growth management tool may be significantly diminished.

ZBA Agendas & Minutes can be found here!

Current ZBA Members

Chair - Gail Hicks
Vice Chair - DJ Kehrig
Secretary - Diane Xagoraris
Member - James Moegle
Township Liaison - Jim Goetzinger
Recording Secretary-Cris Martin

For more information contact Cris Martin the Planning and Zoning Administrator.

ZBA Variance Documents

The documents included here are necessary to apply for a variance. The entire packet is downloadable as one pdf file or each item can be downloaded individually. You need all the items in the full packet to approach the ZBA secretary.

ZBA Full Packet
ZBA Application and Affidavit
ZBA Procedures
ZBA Variance Questionnaire
Fee Schedule
ZBA Ordinance Book Information
Notice of Variance with Sample Form