Aramada Township

Building Department


The building department regulates and monitors construction within the township based on local zoning and ordinances and in accordance with the state building code. Permits are required for building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical projects and applications are downloadable here.

The building department is supported by an administrator who takes care of the day-to-day business of the department including accepting permit applications, entering permits and taking payments, and scheduling of inspections.

Township Inspectors
Mel McNutt - Building Inspections Monday-Thursday
Tim Dillon - Electrical Inspections Tuesday & Thursday
George Ryan - Plumbing and Mechanical Inspections Tuesday-Thursday

Building Administrator
Cris Martin
Monday-Thursday - 9am-4pm

Applications and Requirements

Building Permit Requirements 7/2023
Accessory Building Permit Requirements 3/2024

Building Permit Application 7/2023  
Electrical Permit Application 3/2024
Plumbing Permit Application 3/2024
Mechanical Permit Application 3/2024
Gas Pressure Test Affidavit 10/2022


Inspections are required after obtaining building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits. There are typically 10 types of building inspections required for new residential construction. Electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits typically require a rough and final inspection. There may be other types of inspections required based on the type and amount of work being performed. For Building permits, you will be given an inspection checklist after your plan review is complete.


Inspections can be booked by calling the Township office, voicemail or email to When requesting your inspection, you must have the following information. Without all of this information, your inspection will not be scheduled. All messages will be confirmed.

  • Type of inspection needed
  • Address of the job
  • Permit Number
  • Site contact name and phone number

Inspections can be requested Monday through Thursday but each inspector works different hours. Building Inspections can be scheduled Monday through Thursday. Plumbing and mechanical inspections can be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday. Electrical Inspections can be scheduled Tuesday and Thursday.

After an inspection has been completed, a sticker will be left on the premises indicating if the work was approved or not.

If the work was not approved, the inspector will leave notice on what needs to be corrected. Once the corrections are completed, the homeowner or contractor should call the office to schedule a re-inspection. Each case is different, but normally, there is a re-inspection fee.


Permits are required for various projects which include but not limited to commercial buildings, residential buildings, demolitions and accessory structures such as garages, pole barns, sheds over 200 square feet, swimming pools, ponds, additions and decks. Payment for permits and bonds can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Construction Plan Review
Plans must be submitted for all commercial and residential construction. Specific instructions are listed on the building application requirement form. Updated 7/2023

Residential and commercial permits take approximately 10 days to process due to the review time needed before approval is granted. Building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits can be obtained during normal business hours. Download Application for Building permit and plan examination.7/2023

Demolition Permits
A permit is required for the demolition of any commercial or residential building. When submitting for a permit to demolish a building, a written release from all utility companies indicating services have been properly terminated is required.

Detached Accessory Building Permits
A permit is required for all detached accessory buildings over 200 square feet and all buildings must comply with zoning requirements.

Electrical Permits
Permits are required for the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing electrical service relocation, service increases as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections. Permit costs are based on the size of the service, number of circuits and type of installation.  Download electrical permit application.3/2024

Mechanical Permits
Permits are required for the installation or replacement of any furnace or central air conditioner, duct work installation and gas piping installations. Fees are based on the size of HVAC units, number of gas outlets, and type of installation.  Download mechanical permit application.3/2024.  Inspection is required when gas piping and all connections are complete. A pressure gauge test is required and a note stating the test pressure used and time and date the test was completed, or an affidavit letter must be submitted prior to final inspection. Download Gas Pressure Test Affidavit

Plumbing Permits
Permits are required for the installation of any new plumbing fixture, hot water heater, water system supply lines and any new drain waste connections or vent pipes. Fees are based on the number of fixtures, drain lines, size of supply lines, and type of installation. Septic tank and field permits must be pulled from Macomb County Health Department (586) 469-5253. Download plumbing permit application.3/2024

Swimming Pools
Permits are required for all swimming pools, above and below the ground, holding more than two feet of water. An electrical permit is required for the grounding and additional circuits needed. For the protection of the general public, all swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a fence or other means of access control meeting the requirements of the state building code. Above ground pools may have gates, removable swing-up steps or other means to limit entry in lieu of a fence.

A mechanical permit is required for the installation of a pre-fab fireplace and it must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. All pre-fab fireplaces must be approved by a nationally recognized testing agency.

Certificate of Occupancy
No building or portion of a building may be occupied until a certificate of occupancy has been issue and obtained. A certificate of occupancy will be issued when construction is completed, with all applicable codes, and all inspections have been approved. A certificate of occupancy can be obtained the next business day after the last inspection has been approved by calling the township office.