Aramada Township



Animal Control Ordinance R2015-17
Building Ordinance 151
Disorderly Conduct Ordinance R2013-16
Electrical Ordinance Amendment 155
Electrical Ordinance 1202
Emergency Action Cost Recovery Ordinance R2012-14
Emergency Ambulance Service Fee Ordinance R-11-100
Emergency Medical Service Amendment R-2011-13
Fire Prevention & Protection R2020-26
Fireworks Ordinance Amendment R2018-21
Fireworks Ordinance 152
Hazardous Material Abatement Ordinance Amendment 05-01
International Fire Code 2003 Edition 06-01
International Fire Code 2006 Edition 09-001
Land Division Regulations Ordinance R2015-18
Liquor Control Ordinance  Amendment 113-36A
Liquor Control Ordinance 113-36
Marihuana Establishments Ordinance R2018-22
Mechanical Ordinance 153
Minor In Possession Of Tabacco & Vapor Products R2019-23
Motor Vehicle Code Ordinance Amendment 113-38A
Motor Vehicle Code Ordinance 113-38
Neighborhood Parks Ordinance Amendment 09-002-17A 
Neighborhood Parks Ordinance 09-002
Open and Outdoor Burning Ordinance R2016-19
Open Space & Farmland Ordinance 113-31
OUIL Cost Recovery Ordinance 150
Planning Commission Ordinance R2011-22
Plumbing Ordinance 154
Private Roads Ordinance 113
Purchase Of Development Rights Ordinance 113-40
Recreation Plan R2013-15
Self -Service Gasoline Station Ordinance 05-02
SEMCO Energy Gas Company R2017-20
Signs Ordinance 113-34
State Construction Code Amendment 06-02A
State Contruction Code 06-02
Telecommunications Ordinance 156
Uniform Traffic Code Ordinance 113-37
Waste Collection and Disposal Ordinance Title R2022-01
Wireless Communication Facility Ordinance 113-32
Zoning Ordinance #114 Amended 10/2/2019
Zoning Ordinance Amendment 2011-114-24 
Zoning Ordinance Amendment 2012-114-25
Zoning Ordinance Amendment Yard Composting Facilities 06-114-01
Zoning Ordinance Amendment 114-36 Agri-Business (Value Added Farming Operations-Acceptable Ancillary Uses)
Zoning Ordinance Amendment 114-37 Administrative Review Authority
Zoning Ordinance Amendment 114-38 Medical marijuana caregivers may only operate in M-1 and M-2 Industrial Zoning Districts