Aramada Township

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Board Meeting Agendas & Packets


1-12-21 Electronic Budget Work Session Meeting
1-12-21 Proposed FY21-22 Fire Fund Budget Report
1-13-21 Electronic Regular Meeting 
1-13-21 Electronic Meeting Board Packet
1-19-21 Electronic Work Session Meeting
1-19-21 Electronic Work Session Packet
2-2-21 Electronic Work Session Meeting
2-2-21 Electronic Work Session Packet
2-9-21 Electronic Work Session Meeting
2-9-21 Electronic Work Session Packet
2-10-21 Electronic Regular Meeting
2-10-21 Electronic Board Meeting Packet
3-10-21 Electronic Regular Meeting
3-10-20 Electronic Board Meeting Packet
4-6-21 Electronic Special Board Meeting
4-6-21 Electronic Board Meeting Packet
4-14-21 Traditional & Electronic Board Meeting
4-14-21 Board Meeting Packet
5-12-21 Traditional & Electronic Board Meeting
5-12-21 Board Meeting Packet
5-18-21 Special Meeting
5-25-21 Special Meeting Agenda
5-25-21 Special Meeting Packet
6-3-21 Special Meeting Agenda
6-9-21 Traditional & Electronic Meeting Agenda
6-9-21 Regular Board Meeting Packet
7-14-21 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
7-14-21 Regular Board Meeting Packet
8-3-21 Special Meeting & Workshop Agenda
8-5-21 Special Board Meeting
8-11-21 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
8-11-21 Regular Board Meeting Packet
9-8-21 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
9-8-21 Regular Board Meeting Packet
9-21-21 Workshop Agenda
9-21-21 Workshop Meeting Packet
9-30-21 Election Commission Meeting
10-13-21 Regular Meeting Agenda
10-13-21 Regular Meeting Packet
10-14-21 Election Commission Meeting
10-26-21 Workshop Meeting Agenda
10-26-21 Workshop Meeting Packet
11-10-21 Regular Meeting Agenda
11-10-21 Regular Meeting Packet
12-08-21 Regular Meeting Agenda
12-08-21 Regular Meeting Packet


Board Minutes

Planning Commission Agendas

Planning Commission Minutes


General Fund Budgets & Audits Reports

ZBA Meeting Agenda's & Packets

ZBA Minutes


Fire Fund Budgets 


Board of Review Agendas & Minutes